Co-curated by Thomas Keenan and Niels Van Tomme and organized by Provisions Learning Project in partnership with Lambent Foundation, this daylong seminar staged a series of thought-provoking dialogues between the artists in the exhibition and renowned human rights practitioners. Exploring the intersections between artistic practices and the field of human rights, it discussed implications for the notion and practice of justice.

The Aesthetic Justice Seminar has been made available in full online, please feel free to download and/or listen to the conversations:

Shannon Brunette, Lambent Foundation:
 Welcome Note

Niels Van Tomme, Provisions Learning Project:
 Introductory Lecture

Carlos Motta and Sam Gregory, Witness:
 Resistance and Repression pt. 1
 Resistance and Repression pt. 2
 Resistance and Repression pt. 3
 Resistance and Repression pt. 4

Alyse Emdur and Daniel Karpowitz, Bard Prison Initiative:
 Prison Landscapes pt. 1
 Prison Landscapes pt. 2
 Prison Landscapes pt. 3

Todd Lester, freeDimensional:

Rajkamal Kahlon and Alexander Abdo, ACLU:
 Did You Kiss The Dead Body? pt. 1
 Did You Kiss The Dead Body? pt. 2
 Did You Kiss The Dead Body? pt. 3

Larissa Sansour and Thomas Keenan, Human Rights Project, Bard College:
 A Space Exodus pt. 1
 A Space Exodus pt. 2
 A Space Exodus pt. 3
 A Space Exodus pt. 4

Amitava Kumar, writer:

Aesthetic Justice is the second collaborative exhibition project between Provisions Learning Project and Lambent Foundation. Curated by Niels Van Tomme, the project considers justice from an aesthetic instead of a normative perspective. Investigating how the works of art’s specific aesthetic frameworks negotiate the subject matters they address, the exhibition presents the work of five international artists: Alyse Emdur, Rajkamal Kahlon, Carlos Motta and Josué Euceda, and Larissa Sansour.

Aesthetic Justice is now available as a downloadable booklet that invites readers to take a closer look at the exhibition. It brings together two texts by Lambent Foundation Senior Program Manager Shannon Brunette and Provisions Learning Project Director of Arts and Media Niels Van Tomme, artworks by Alyse Emdur, Rajkamal Kahlon, Carlos Motta and Josué Euceda, and Larissa Sansour, installation shots by Kelly Neal, and a recommended reading list.

download for: print (21MB), screen (21MB), mobile (1MB)

Please also see Provisions Learning Project and Lambent Foundation’s publication for the Revisiting Histories exhibition.


March 2 – June 22, 2011

Lambent Foundation
55 Exchange Place, Suite 406
New York, NY 10005

Artists: Alyse Emdur, Rajkamal Kahlon, Carlos Motta and Josué Euceda, Larissa Sansour


Saturday, May 14, 2011, 10 AM – 6 PM

Las Americas Conference Center
Hispanic Federation
55 Exchange Place, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10005

Participants: Alexander Abdo | ACLU, Shannon Brunette, Alyse Emdur, Sam Gregory | Witness, Rajkamal Kahlon, Daniel B. Karpowitz | Bard Prison Initiative, Thomas Keenan, Amitava Kumar, Todd Lester | freeDimensional, Carlos Motta, Larissa Sansour, Niels Van Tomme


Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 7 – 9 PM

300 Nevins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Participants: Carlos Motta and Niels Van Tomme