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this first-ever plan is a collaboration of many many partners: City Council, the Mayor's Office, Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), the Citizen's Advisory Council, multiple city agencies, many non-profit cultural organizations, and the NYC Cultural Agenda Fund that helped develop, support and encourage the advocacy efforts of the artist-centered cultural organizations and arts funders. 

"The City of New York released CreateNYC, New York City’s first-ever cultural plan. Nearly 200,000 residents, from every corner of the city, stepped up to share their priorities, concerns, and ideas about how we can make sure that–here in New York–culture is for everyone.

Keep the conversation going among friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors and ensure that the coalitions brought together by CreateNYC continue to push our cultural community forward. Speak up on social media using #CreateNYC."

Visit the CreateNYC website.
Download the plan here.

Additionally, the People’s Cultural Plan, an alternative plan for NYC’s arts and cultural sector grounded in an equity approach, is also available online.