Art 21: Kerry James Marshall at Prospect.3

"Chicago-based artist Kerry James Marshall travels to the Prospect.3 biennial in New Orleans, Louisiana and speaks with five fellow artists and one collective: Zarouhie Abdalian, William Cordova, Lonnie Holley, Yun-Fei Ji, Christopher Myers, and The Propeller Group. “When I talk to other artists I’m interested in hearing how they read their subjectivity and how it drives and motivates what they do,” says Marshall. “We [all] come from different positions at different times and we mean to make work for different purposes.” For Marshall, a biennial presents an opportunity to “try out something more experimental.” His site-specific installation of futuristic gold plexiglass alcoves in the windows of the Ashé Cultural Arts Center creates “an otherworldly space” that “cuts against the grain of a kind of abjection that people associate with the recovery from [Hurricane] Katrina.” Prospect.3 is on view October 25, 2014 through January 25, 2015." -Art21 (





Rajkamal Kahlon addresses her residency at the ACLU and the artist’s role in social change, Did You Kiss the Dead Body: Visualizing Absence in the Archive of War, for the World Policy Institute’s Arts Policy Nexus Series, initiated by Todd Lester. And see Kahlon's report at Creative Time Reports, which is a two-part interview with Jameel Jaffer, the Director of the ACLU’s Center for Democracy, during her two month residency at the ACLU this past fall supported by Lambent Foundation. Jaffer talks about his role as lead attorney in the recent Supreme Court oral argument Clapper V. Amnesty, and the growth of state surveillance and warrantless wiretapping of American citizens since September 11, 2001.

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