Revisiting Histories
Sanford Biggers +  Andrea Geyer & Somon J. Ortiz
Revisiting Histories is a unique collaborative project between Lambent Foundation and Provisions Learning Project, which takes socially engaged artistic practices as the starting point for an exhibition, public dialogue, and publication. An inquiry into the nature of history and the importance of its critical rendition, the project brings together works by Sanford Biggers and Andrea Geyer & Simon J. Ortiz.

Revisiting Histories has culminated in a downloadable booklet that invites readers to take a closer look at these recent conversations. It brings together two texts by Lambent Foundation Executive Director Michelle Coffey and Provisions Learning Project Curator Niels Van Tomme, excerpts from the public dialogue, reproductions of the artworks, and images from the exhibition.

Please feel free to download the publication and listen to the conversation between the artists.
Listen to the conversation
Recorded at Lambent Foundation, New York City on December 20, 2009 (running time: 1h20m)

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