Lambent Foundation leverages the critical role of arts and culture at the intersection of social justice. Through our grantmaking and creative programs we explore the impact of contemporary art as a strategy for promoting sustainable cultural practices in New York City, New Orleans and Nairobi.

How did Lambent come into being?

We experienced a rumbling starting in 2008, as we began to recognize increasing disconnects between critical progressive movement building and truly moving hearts and minds. Our aim is to shed light on the potential for aesthetics and beauty to serve alongside advocacy and organizing efforts for social justice.

How did Lambent become involved in supporting organizations in New York City, New Orleans and Nairobi?

We are drawn to landscapes where art and culture are infused in the fabric of daily life. From visionary spaces in our own backyard of New York City, to our nations cultural hub of New Orleans, to the networks of global artistic practices in Nairobi, these cities allow us to engage in rich and timely conversations. Through placed-based grantmaking our intention is to support not just the arts of these regions, but a more just world that encompasses the needs within these vibrant communities.

Michelle Coffey, Executive Director